Monday, August 30, 2004

burning man...

Next week it will happen. And as per-usual, I feel a little strange about it. When I attended it was the second annual one - over at baker beach. And it was a hippie-dippy love/art fest with a dance party at the end.

Now its a nation-wide event. With rather strange implications

I kinda liked it better when it was a small "insiders-only" event. When it felt like we were the only ones who were there. It was great because it was "nice" that's the best approximation I can give. Now...well now it feels huge, looming and generally overwhelming.

Nevermind the fact that now there are people who are bringing their kids to the event.
I haven't been since then. Although it was cool...I am a little sad that I feel too grown up now to attend. Although maybe all I need to do is to have a kid of my own?


John Blacke said...

You are still exceptionally young, don't forget that. I'm 34 and feel like an old man a lot of times (actually I've felt that way since I was 10, lol) but remember it's all relative to whom you are around at the time. I feel like a lil kid when I'm around 45 year olds, but put me around a 20 year old I'm worse than my father, lol. In any event, remember, you are still VERY young. Take care,


kizzy said...

uh okay "old Man" make 34 sound like you're headed to the convalecent home. Its not that, its more that I don't feel that I can grasp the desire to party all night and all day any more. Mostly because of the way in which it tends to ravage my body now. Hangovers feel like real Hangovers. Unlike when I was in my teens and early (-ier) twenties...when this happened I don't know.