Monday, August 30, 2004


UNITE HERE! Is one of the many websites that have popped up in reponse to the RNC in NYC:

The RNC is not Welcome is another one which is comprised of Local New Yorkers and other related anti-RNC individuals. Not much here that I haven't seen elsewhere.

RNC Watch Is a blog that will be updated by the registered users of the site. It varies because it is wholly controlled by the users. I don't believe that that it has a moderator...should be interesting

NYC Indie Media: is another open forum (yet mediated) website with news, blogs, bulletins, radio and live feeds from the RNC and the Protests in and around NYC.


John Blacke said...

Why do I have the feeling I've inspired you to have more disdain towards the Republican Party, lol

kizzy said...

You flatter me...actually no I'm a died in the wool liberal. (actually I'm the black sheep in the family, not be a militant socialist/communist.)

- that and I just wanted to show that there is alternative media out there for the media that is already in place. True it has a liberal bend to it, but I guess that has to betray my political mindset.