Monday, August 30, 2004


this one made me laugh, a nice good little laugh. Its the kind of good natured -free thinking ideals that normally pervade our modern society.

Its things like this,

that keep me awake at night. How could someone holding a sign require so many police?


John Blacke said...

Because of the potential someone may be holding more than a sign or have designs on inflicting harm on innocent Americans at such a high profile event. This is where the hypocrisy begins, it seems to me, as I don't recall Republicans complaining about the protest "cage" in Boston for the DNC Convention.
Anyhow, no personal slander here, just stating my viewpoint. One of my closest friends is a liberal and I've yet to strangle him, lol. Just kidding, and take care,


kizzy said...

I understand the potential for disaster, yet I struggle to understand how peaceful congregation (as of late) always is painted as the DNC 68 student riots.

This was not the case in the protests that occured this past Weekend. That and the fact that I watched some "mainstream" media coverage and I found it to be disgraceful...all of it focusing on the "potential to erupt"

now tell me how does a person with a sign really pose a threat to democracy?

John Blacke said...

Actually, if you look at the blazing that occurred on Friday with a pinada (I think I spelled that correctly) and that certain protestors were arrested for hiding HEAVY fireworks in the poles of their signs makes NYC's case for this assertion.

John Blacke said...

I was examining the photo with the "Horses@#t covered ranch" statement and I think that thing is super-imposed. I couldn't see anyone that could possibly be holding it - unless there was some midget holding up a wooden post with a fitted wooden sign that I would have a hard time erecting (and I'm pretty strong - that's not bragging, lol).

kizzy said...

I had to resize the photo, and it was taken from an angle above the crowd. I have it on good authority that it was taken while standing on a fire hydrant. So that would account for the strange sizes...but it is a picture of an actual woman holding an actual sign.