Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm not there yet...but It never hirts to try

You'll see that I've finally given in and posted an ad link on the page. Now I have many internet friends who have done the same, and it can definetly change the feel and look of a blog when its done wrong. I only hope that I've managed to do it right.

Essentially this was another attempt to try and cash in on my fame on the "internets"...even though I know that I am the only one who reads my own stuff. (and occasionally I might get a comment from a passer-by) Irrespective of that, and my infinite patience with the internet to come round and realize my greatness...(i won't be holding my breath on that one) I've decided that it couldn't hurt to try, and I really like google...and so then the decision really became a 'why not?'

so there you have it.

i'm probably also going to start to fiddle with the layout a bit more too...possibly. I've been considering taking a flash course so that I can finally realize my dream of having my own personal URL....with nifty flash pages and everything. Speaking of Cool sh*'ll want to check out tokyo . All I can say's is god damned their stuff is cool!!! especially make sure that you watch the Drum machine...freakin awesome. (you can see it though the main menu)


Me said...

Ad links!!! I worry that you're jumping the shark with this one. But I'll still love you.

D.T. said... finally caved in to "the man", huh? LOL...

Alexa said...

Nothing wrong with trying to make a little money on the side.