Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've just gotten back

From where...I dunno. actually that's a lie. I went on vacation for a few days, had to get some R&R and instead got lots of sleepless nights and a horrible sunburn all over. Whod'a thunk that me (caramel-y gal that I am) would be so stupid to get sunburned...well I did.

I blame the lack of sleep...that and possibly the warm weather. Regardless I managed to get horribly sunburned on my chest, arms and back. So badly in fact that I didn't really sleep at night - it hurt too damned much to stay in one place. For some reason no amount of pain-killers seemed to do the trick either... and tossing didn't help. Anyway for your amusement I've attached a photo here...Poor sunburned 'ol Me (courtesy of my Flickr.com account...which I would suggest that you get when you get the chance...since it's free) The really good one of me looking really pathetic has majically managed to become curropted so I don't have it to share.

Its an odd pic I'll admit... but you have to recognize that I am not normally so stupid as to burn myself intentionally. Anway... did have a good time, got the chance to brush up on some spanish... and learn new and interesting ways to embarass myself in a foreign country...so all in all it was a good time.


D.T. said...

So...yeah, what exactly were you doing that caused you to burn all over? Having sex in the sand? My friend did that once and besides the sunburn, she got a shitload of sand in her ass...yeah...it was so sad.

kizzy said...

uh... no. no sex in public...just passing out in public. That is what was sad...me forgetting that I'm not all black, and still half white...that's sad. Me forgetting to put on suntan lotion, yeah really sad.

but what's saddest of all...I must have drank my weight in liquor while I was there and nary a buzz I had...I even went tequilla tasting, tried 5 different tequilla's (slammed them back) and nothing.

that can't be good