Thursday, April 14, 2005

PAYDAY!!! whoo hoo

What can I say. My favorite day of the week... although it is going to actually be tomorrow, thankfully my company pays me a day early(so that it actually processes tomorrow...)

anyway the point is that I'm always dismayed by the difference between my "Gross" Salary ( i guess gross to my employer because they think it's horrible to pay a little fuzzy haired, red-headed stepchild like myself....) and my "Net" salary (again i suppose the only stuff that I could actually catch with my flimzy electronic 'net' of information.

anyway...took nearly 1/2 of the salary. always a bummer.

truthfully this post was more for my friend "big" dave.... I didn't see any comment on this blog...are you sure it was me?

anyway... have fun kids...'cause I sure aint.


Me said...

NO NO It's in the guestbook.

D.T. said... you gon spend the money?

If its some crappy, useless thing, that you can find in a fashion magazine, then you have done this generation, well!


Channa said...

Hey lady - this is the first time I found my way to your Blog! I feel like I have caught up with you for the last month-- LOL glad to hear payday is the same around the country