Tuesday, May 03, 2005

random ramblings...

i'm thinking I need to sleep more...and have my computer off more often. I only mention it...well because it's nearly 11 pm at night and I've been on a computer since 7:30 this morning.

This is supposed to be "me" time... when I do what I want for the spare 15 minutes before I drag my ass up stairs and pass out... and what do I do? I go on-line and look at other blogs.

and then I come across this one: http://moviesandmore.typepad.com/ found it really interesting...that and the fact that they to have a love/hate relationship with all things that make modern life great and awful at the same time.

if I had guts....I'd take heroin.... 'cause its gotta be better than this.

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Me said...

Acerbic No. Wit yes. Snakelike tongue...I'm intrigued. Tell me more.