Monday, January 13, 2003

A good weekend. Although It was a little weak on the sleep and rest and restoration side. As a result I am still sick. This is an unfortunate consequence of not abiding by my new years resolution of "staying dry" for the month of January.
I really should learn to set more realistic goals like:

1. do not pick your nose in public.

2. Smile when you cannot think of something to say instead of babbling non stop.

3. The topic of conversation does not need to be all about you. No matter how boring the other persons story is.

4. Be kind to your elders.(at least try to be kind to your elders for at least 20 consecutive minutes. )

5. While at work, do not look at porn. Or at least wait until everyone is out of the office before you look at porn

Actually I don't think that I'd be to succesful at keeping those either.

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