Friday, January 03, 2003

OH MY GWAD!!!! I've managed to whittle away most of my day being stupid and reading an even sillier Bulletin board about nothing of great importance. What's happened to my drive?

On top of all that some more major changes have happened at my company. I'm a little scared. At the same time I'm confident that from here on out that I've got not that much to worry about. Hopefully. I think.

damn. Who in the hell does that fool think he is....some random in an office next to mine thinks that I'm his personal bitch. I'm fucking busy multi-taskin my lazy ass off. I Ain't doin shit fo you fool....

- to mention new items...I was listening to NPR yesterday and it turns out that Bush Jr. has managed to very serriptiously appoint a pro-life doctor to the NIH...and although he had originally wanted to appoint him the director he's still managed to get enough twists and turns into it that instead of the director (which thankfully was shot down by congress) he's appointed him to a board that has veto power and committe designation administration....Shit. Now I'm really fucked. I knew that unless I had I dick I'd be fucked after that last election debacule.

- so what If I can't spell....I'm a publik skool kid. I made it out without any holes in my body before graduation...You should be so lucky

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