Thursday, October 21, 2004

A new background change - hopefully to inspire choice

Apathy... Its what we're known world-wide for.

I refuse to believe that there are people out there that truly believe that they don't matter, or that their voice doesn't matter. My family had shed blood for the opportunity to simply express their choice. To be apathetic is a luxury I have never been afforded, nor is it one that I shall ever hand over.

So I'm doing my little bit to remind myself and others what this is all about. I don't care who you decide....Just make the decision. Stop being outraged, happy, whatever - do it. Damn-it. You have NO excuse.

and if you don't - then you have no right to say ANYTHING.

This November 2nd...effect change.


John Blacke said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Kizzy. In all truth, I would rather see Kerry win with 75% of the populous voting than Bush win with 55% of the people voting. And that's really saying something as to how I feel about voting knowing the die hard conservative I am! lol Voting is more than a right, it is an absolute civil duty that too many people shun away and don't appreciate.

D.T. said...


kizzy said...

I did the Get-Out-The-Vote rallys before, but I've always found them to be ineffective if only because they only target those people whom have voted before. I'll tell you that I'm pleased as punch that there are all of these new voter registrations, but I always hope that these new registrants remember to get out side (rain or shine) and get their butts to the polls and vote - (especially for more than just president but also for local issues...)

on a side note my local district is having a race for supervisor...there are 22 canidates running for the position. I've got my homework ahead of me