Friday, October 08, 2004

Turner Classic Movies This Month Article

Oh God you guys!!!
Who Knew the TMC (Turner Movie Classics) would get , like all Political on our collective asses!!!

Party Politics & the Movies
In this very political year, as we approach the November elections, TCM has invited four prominent U.S. Senators to appear in interviews with host Ben Mankiewicz to introduce significant films in their lives.

On October 7, John Edwards, Democratic vice presidential candidate and U.S. Senator from North Carolina, will consider Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964). Edwards chose Stanley Kubrick's black comedy about nuclear war because of its message that "putting this kind of power into the hands of human beings - no matter who they are - is an extraordinary thing."

I for one, think that he intended to remind us of that closing scene in which Slim Pickens... anyway's Surfergirl says it best:

This 1964 black comedy is best remembered for its closing image: Slim Pickens, playing a bellicose Texan Air Force pilot, yodels with glee as he rides a "nucular" missile to his death, initiating worldwide Armageddon. Essentially, Strangelove is the story of a few deluded powermongers who destroy the world because they can't admit they're wrong. Edwards was bashful about drawing parallels, but host Ben Mankiewicz finally baited the hook for him: "Is there any message you would like President Bush or Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to get from this movie?" Edwards' answer, delivered in his usual courtly drawl, was a quiet little knife in the president's ribs: "Human beings are fallible.They make mistakes ... That's why it's so important to have somebody at the top of the civilian government who understands what's happening and has good sound judgment."

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D.T. said...

I totally get what you mean. Right now you cant go anywhere or do anything without someone breathing down your neck about the election.
Like the other day I was at this restuarant for my grandmother's birthday and I was eating this quiche and accidently dropped part of it on the floor. And the waitress got all emotional because "there are kids in Iraq starving and you dont care about food!" And then she went on to say how Kerry would help solve that world hunger problem.
OMG. It's brocolli quiche! I mean, I'm sorry it's not like I threw it on the floor. It just fell off my fork. Sheesh.