Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sarah Zadow : 1912 - 2004

My Grandmother, Sarah Zadow, died peacefully in her sleep this past Sunday night.

She was 92. The beloved wife of my Grandfather, Abraham, for nearly 70 years, she was the last of 13 children and part of the last great generation of "First Americans." She was born into poverty and struggled most of her life to leave that poverty behind her. Loyal and strong, she rarely left my grandfather's side for more than a few days at a time. She traveled extensively, read voraciously, and had the sharpest tongue just "this side" of Dorothy Parker. She was an accomplished artist in both glass and ceramics, and as a result I have many treasured pieces of hers throughout my home. She is pictured below.

I have no date for this photo, I can only assume that it was around her mid to late teens. She was unfortunate in so much that she was orphaned when she was barely 13 years of age. She was shuffled about from family member to family member during one of the most difficult times in American history, and yet she survived it all to become one of the most stalwart women I have ever known. She never finished school, and lived all of her life in California. She was born in East LA to one of the first Orthodox Rabbi's in California, Yehuda Davidson. He was 76 when she was born. Her mother, Rebbeca Margolis died not long after Yehuda did, leaving her and her three siblings to be raised by half brothers and sisters.

For the last 12 years she has been struggling with Alzheimer’s. Thankfully her struggle is now over and she is at peace. She is survived by myself (one of her 3 grand children) 3 great grandchildren and two of her own (my mother and uncle). All of them blessed with her good looks, strong character and sharp minds.

We will miss you Grandma.


John Blacke said...

My sincerest condolences on your loss, Kizzy. Your grandmother sounds like an exceptional woman.

kizzy said...

Thank you Ryan. I appreciate it.