Tuesday, October 05, 2004

you gotta Job? Well you're doin better than most

From MSNBC:Filed via Reuters Updated: 11:44 a.m. ET Oct. 5, 2004

"NEW YORK - U.S. planned job cuts soared to an eight-month high in September while new hiring rose only slightly, a report said on Tuesday.

Employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. said employers announced 107,863 layoffs in September, 41 percent more than in September 2003 and 45 percent more than in August of this year, when 74,150 were laid off.

The September figure was the largest since January 2004, when employers laid off 117,556 workers.

The September figure brings third-quarter job cuts to 251,585, 19.9 percent more than the 209,895 registered in the previous quarter and 4 percent more than the 241,548 for the third quarter of 2003.

Job losses in September were particularly heavy in the computer, transportation, telecommunications and consumer products industries, the report said."

makes me appreciate what I've got, no matter how much I hate it here. Maybe if I'm lucky I can keep it for a bit longer.


John Blacke said...

No offense, but if you're unemployed in this country it's because you choose to be unemployed. And in a late 1990's bloom your were paid more than double than what you can be paid now? Well, deal with it. You were overpaid then and you aren't now. It's total supply and demand. When people bitch about their pay I have one thing to say, "start your own business and see how it really works when you actually have to PAY taxes."


kizzy said...

I'd have to disagree. Being one of the many unemployed in the Bay area (whom incidentally was making barely a living wage - by american standards) and whom was out of work for over a year...it is something that is not necessarily something that you can control.

I worked damned hard to find the current job that I have. I'm a highly educated individual who was looking for ANYTHING...and I mean anything consistently and without fail for that entire time. (approximately 19 months) And incidentally you can't start your own company if you have nothing to start with because you're busy paying off federal loans.

I'm sorry Ray, but I'm going to abosolutely disagree with you on this one. I'm not the only one who will tell you the same. I can give you the name and e-mail addresses of over 20 individuals whom this very same thing has happened to, and is still happening to. All of them just looking to pay the basic bills like food, water and a roof over their heads.

I am NOT a special case in this cenario. I'd have to say that I pull the line like the rest.

And to be honest I'm more than a little insulted that anyone whom decides to undercut my long term efforts to find full time work anywhere...and I mean anywhere means that you've never been blessed with the opportunity to be poor. And yes I've been working-poor my entire life. My mother is a teacher, and the only one whom was around, and I know that you know that teachers in this country make squat.

If you disagree fine, but you've got no right to say "love it or leave it" (paraphasing of course) to any person who worked as hard as I did to just keep their head above water.

John Blacke said...

I didn't mean to criticize you personally Kizzy, and my apologies if it came across as that. I just get frustrated sometimes and spout off.

Per me, I was never given anything. I will say that I had the luxury of going to Parochial schools most of my life, and my parents did pay for my college, but all my personal business ventures were never funded by my parents. Everything I've done I either funded myself or found a way to get the funds.

And I've been in your boat, or the one you described you were in: broke and out of work. After I lost my wife I became a total piece of shit. I sold my restaraunt, pretty much drank 24/7 for six months afterwards and depleted just about all of my savings. I eventually saw what I needed to do, so I moved back to Maryland (from Chicago) busted my ass for a year in a low paying job and saved everything to start up the company I have now. My point is that, I think, a lot of people lack the vision of what their prospects can be and let them be defined by what they think their current talents allow. That's not the case for most Americans, and I know that's not the case for you as I know you're exceptionally bright. Take care, =)