Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voter Alert Lines

The fact that there are already enough callers to a voter protection group to warrant a fancy-schmancy website flash page dedicated to it scares the s*it outta me. Nevermind the reports that there are bomb threats all over Pheonix, AZ causing schools, hospitals and Polling places to be shut down, or that EVERY STATE IN THE UNION has reported some form of voter fraud....

Whose ready for the revolution? 'cause I think tickets to Spain are kinda cheap right now. ¿Usted piensa que eso moviendo a España es una idea buena, no? ....Le québec est agréable cette saison aussi..

Or Maybe it's a move to the Kiwis - Always did love New Zeland....

ps. Election Protection: http://www.ourvote.com/

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