Friday, November 05, 2004

A great Convo with a Londoner.

kizzy: oy
PaddyWop: yo
PaddyWop: how's it going?
kizzy: still a little depressed...btw saw the Daily Mirror...effing hilarious
PaddyWop: yeah
kizzy: still not my president.
kizzy: I didn't vote for him
PaddyWop: the Independent had "Four More Years" and pictures of Abu Graib, missiles, dead Iraqi civilians
kizzy: Grrrreaat!
PaddyWop: the Guardian just had "Oh, No" and nothing else on the cover..
PaddyWop: there are very few things I'm "proud" of in the UK, and one is the quality and freedom of our press
PaddyWop: I'm still in shock
kizzy: ha. i'm feeling sooo much better about your freedom of the press
kizzy: i think I told you i cried...
kizzy: all day Wednesday
PaddyWop: nobody in Europe understands the US anymore...we just don't get it
PaddyWop: I almost did and I'm not even American!
kizzy: its not me, nor is it 55,949,407 million others...
kizzy: remember he only won the popular vote by the slimmest of margins
PaddyWop: he still won it though
PaddyWop: which he didn't in 2000
PaddyWop: which means that after four years of him fucking up the world he is now more popular in America
PaddyWop: which is deeply horrifying
kizzy: no - there are just more frightened sheep
kizzy: he and his administration have done a great job scaring the shit out of middle america
kizzy: when those of us on the coasts have more to fear from being terrorized
PaddyWop: yes, why are they frightened though? why are they so fucking stupid and ignorant? what's wrong with them?
kizzy: general fear...
PaddyWop: you're right - who's going to bomb fucking Kansas??
kizzy: you have to remember unlike you guys...
kizzy: we've never been attacked on our shores before 9/11/01
kizzy: you have had several thousands of years of 3
PaddyWop: sure and now that you have and you have a president whose foreign policy is the very cause of terrorism in the first place you vote for him again
PaddyWop: I mean "you" of course
PaddyWop: sure
PaddyWop: but even a 10-year-old will tell you that bombing the fuck out of Iraq for no real reason is going to make Arabs very unhappy
kizzy: uh...yah. I voted for that halfwit dumbfuck
kizzy:'re thinking rationally
PaddyWop: that's the bit that I don't get that some people don't understand
kizzy: when your freaked the fuck out - you tend NOT to think rationally
PaddyWop: and if it's because they're all born-again Christians, then they're a scary fucking bunch
PaddyWop: true, true, you're right, there's a lot be said for manipulative propaganda from the government
PaddyWop: but 60 million people scared shitless, when there are billions of people scared shitless of Bush around the world???
PaddyWop: it goes back to having access to any kind of objective press whatsoever...
PaddyWop: people watch CNN and Fox and that's what they get
PaddyWop: it's so depressing
kizzy: i don't watch tv.
kizzy: buck up little buddy
PaddyWop: and scary that so-called Christians equate Bush's evil, bloody businees-motivated machinations with some kind of greater, Christian good - really horrifying
PaddyWop: you're not the problem...
PaddyWop: if there were more of you in America we wouldn't be having this conversation
kizzy: i know.... but never fear...
PaddyWop: (unless of course you voted for Bush, which I doubt )
kizzy: My Man and I are planning the revolution
PaddyWop: I hope so!
kizzy: we will rise up and take back the nation for the people
PaddyWop: I'll join in
PaddyWop: yeeah!!
PaddyWop: si! la revolucion!!!
kizzy: and kill all the skinny blond white bitches while were at it. (american blondes only, of course.)
kizzy: just for good measure
PaddyWop: that's cool – my girl’s a brunette
PaddyWop: yeehaaaaw!
PaddyWop: do you know what depresses me the most? (and then I'll shut up)
kizzy: what?
PaddyWop: and this may sound patronizing, but I don't care...
kizzy: ok....what?
PaddyWop: after Sept 11th, I had a thin hope that something would change in America, that behind that thick cloud there would be a slim silver lining, that people would understand that the US had to back off a little, stop being this menacing eagle in international affairs and get off its high horse, realizing that, however horrible an admission, there was some possibility that terrorism might be partly its own fault, even 0.5 % and reassess its position in the world...
PaddyWop: but it looks to me like it's learned absolutely nothing and will continue to make things worse in its stubborn defiance of everyone else
PaddyWop: I guess I was naive...
PaddyWop: it's deeply saddening
PaddyWop: things will just escalate, the divides are getting bigger, more people are going to get more fucked off
PaddyWop: and it seems like the majority of the American people are happy with with this state of affairs
PaddyWop: now I'll shut up
PaddyWop: how's the weather?
kizzy: - you’ve got to believe that more than half the nation was aware
kizzy: we knew what was happening and that we were partly to blame...nevertheless
kizzy: when you're dealing with middle america
kizzy: they don't get the finer points of diplomacy
PaddyWop: yeah, I know, I don't doubt that for a minute
PaddyWop: why are you partly to blame?
kizzy: uh i'm a jew...and a Zionists
PaddyWop: right, but that’s not even the finer points of diplomacy though, it's pretty fucking basic!
PaddyWop: Wait, are you a Zionist?
PaddyWop: you must love Bush then...
PaddyWop: and his mate Sharon, although he's been a little flimsy lately, giving bits of Gaza back, hey?
PaddyWop: only jamming
PaddyWop: anyway, must go
PaddyWop: have a nice weekend
kizzy: oh ok...bye
PaddyWop: I will join you and Your man in founding the People's Republic of Northern California
kizzy: the united states of Canada...- yeah I like the PRNC.
kizzy: sounds close to PRaNC
PaddyWop: prance?
PaddyWop: that's France
kizzy: HA
PaddyWop: or how about Pacific French Territories?
kizzy: we we - But offf COurse!
kizzy: ve alvays knew vat san francisco vas french...all fairy and such as it is
PaddyWop: ok, dude, gotta go
PaddyWop: have a good one
PaddyWop: oui oui
kizzy: au revoir
PaddyWop: au revoir, mon amie!

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