Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Best Concilliatory thoughts that I've run across so far

Taken from Chaos Digest -
  1. Repair the Democratic Party. It's clearly not competing effectively against modern Republican political tactics.
  2. Organize.
  3. Draw the line. Declare our terms. While I agree that the Democratic party platform should certainly be examined at this point, changing the core values of the party would be abandoning our chance to help set the nation's agenda.
  4. Get Constitutional. Everything above the Constitution itself can be changed through legislation, particularly if you run all three branches of government. Our only refuge against much of the Republican agenda will lay in the Constitution. Read it, know it. Learn the historical overviews of the amendments. "Separation of church and state," and "all men created equal," and "Congress shall make no law" don't go away just because the White House says so. Start reminding them. Protests, letters, support for Democratic legislative efforts, whatever you can do.
  5. Get active. If you care at all about maintaining some control over your destiny in the country, you need to become a Democratic superhero action figure.
What do we have going for us?
Brains. (We are an intellectual elite, after all.)
Money. (Paging George Soros...)
Sympathy abroad.
Sympathy at home (much less, sadly).
A fanatical devotion to the Pope.
A limited battlefield - it's only two years until the midterm Congressional elections.
A "liberal" press. (Confronted with Republicans on all sides, at least some of them might resort to being confrontational again.)
The desire to improve on the America we grew up in for our children, instead of leaving them an overt theocracy managed by a corporate kleptocracy."

Check the website for the more detailed info... but so least this has allowed me the opportunity to wipe my tears away and not be quite so depressed...angry...confused...frutstrated....etc.etc.etc.

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