Monday, November 22, 2004

The things we learn on the internets,

Using a Brita Water Filtration System to Filter cheap vodka!

World famous Popov Vodka (TM) is a household favorite, if only because of its general cheapness. This lovely vodka can be purchased at a low low price of $11.99 at the local corner liquor spot.

Thankfully to the ingenious access of the inter net...I can now save my self some nice change and use my brita water filter to save me some extra ducketts. Now Although I do love the harsh, (oh so harsh) kick of an unfiltered vodka ...I'm willing to bet that the simple charcoal filters of a lovely brita filter will do just the thing. Thankfully the wonderful people of took the initiative to find out.

thank you internets, thank you for allowing a cheap drunk, get drunker...cheaper.

UPDATE! I tried this myself...filtering approximately 8 oz of Popov Vodka on 11/20/'s the deal:

The vodka still smells like rubbing alcohol.
This, I believe, is from the original 'rushed' distillation of said vodka.
However after 5 consecutive filtrations...the vodka was really quite pleasant. There was no god awful aftertaste, AND there was NO hangover to the next day..(just some minor groggy ness.)

Still for those of us cheap drunks we've now come to a conundrum. Do you go out and buy lots of cheap liquor in hopes of it saving you money...but end up drinking alone, in your apartment, in your underwear, the night eventually ending up with you sobbing or passed out, or do you go to a bar and hope to pray on you lasting good looks and charm to get you free drinks.....Oh the perils of either.

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