Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms

I came across this link from one of my favorite places: I didn't think much of it at first, until I looked at their free stuff. Then that's when everything got a little strange:
The creator of the website is a legal eagle, and trumpets the Bill of Rights, and most of what he says is correct. But its the application that scares me...for example: Everyhouse hold should have a Hitler target ring!

And to help that parent who struggles to teach their child the "fun of a gun" there is always "Brasco the Liberty Bear" which s a coloring/alphabet book! Get your own copy here to share tonight with your kids! Wowie Wow!(read with much sarcasm) Some of my favorites are:

"D is for DIALING – Sometimes dialing 9-1-1 can be useless! Did you know the police don’t have to answer your call for help?1 The police can’t always show up to stop a criminal as soon as you call. Parents who love their children protect them and do not rely on the police. Your parents’ guns are good to protect you from bad people, but you must never touch a real gun without your parents’ permission."

J is for JAPANESE – The Japanese government, with the help of bad people in America, want to take away your right to own and enjoy guns. They tell people that America should be more like Japan, where the people can’t own guns. They don’t tell people that in Japan, people can be held in prison without food or water until they
confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

K is for “Gun Control” KILLS KIDS – Evil politicians have passed laws that make schools unsafe. Your parents are not allowed to carry a gun near a school to protect you from bad people. This bad law makes it possible for bad people to hurt or even kill you. Some government officials and evil politicians really like this law."

I would just like to state, for the record...(being a jew myself) Talmudic (Jewish) law discourages the use of firearms for anything other than the use of a livelyhood. Basicaly survival purposes only.

So unless the bear is a cannibal, he's really a big oxymoron.

That, and the bear is not wearing any pants with his belt.

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