Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I need to get back to bed

Bristol University study on Sleep and obesity comes out to say that on average "Individuals who spend less than 8 hours of sleeping are shown to have a greater likely hood of being heavier." According to Dr. Shahrad Taheri of Bristol University.

of course it doesn't help that at the current pace most americans get less than fact averaging about 6.9 hours a night according to the NSF (National Sleep Foundation - is there a foundation for everything? christ...i suppose there might even be a national foundation for habitual rose sniffers....oh shit. they do...)
Regardless, Its not enough that the stress of the day results in late afternoon cofee drinking, or that in the evening it tends to lend it self to holiday binge drinking, sleeping pills, making it difficult to rouse yourself from bed, so you compensate when you finally rise out of bed with no time to exercise with heroin expresso-mocha-lotta-sugar-cream-concotion with a side of Kruller/ wonder your ass is getting fatter.

uh yeah...I have frustrations. Lots of them. Last thing I needed was someone else telling me I already don't get enough sleep, and that's why my butt is getting bigger.

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