Monday, December 13, 2004

ooooh!oooh! I want the Cold!!!

Yep you heard me...I WANT the cold! along with Mono, and maybe some hallitosis as well!
(pictured in order as they were listed) So lovey and cuddlley...I want to have them all for myself I mean look at Mono - so cute and lavender too! who knew? No me? Although the cold, being that nice arctic looking blue seems to fit right in. And who doesn't want halitosis! he's everybody's favorite germ...especially when you are forced to work with some one who is a "close talker" and has never met an onion bagel he doesn't like.

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D.T. said...

So that's what mono looks like, huh? I cant believe that cute-as-fuck little fucker has been fucking with my throat for the past few weeks... But one look at those big ol' doe eyes, and I cant help but want to give him a big bear hug and smother him with kisses...and uh, then maybe we can go out for beer and watch some football...