Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Devil's always in the details

This is an actual post for a home for sale, in Canada. Gotta Love those Canadians.

Try and see if you can find a problem with it?

At first glance, everything looks normal, lovely and very serene...the perfect home for sale.
A bucolic setting, and lovely furntiure to problem what so-ever.

But take a closer look - There is one detail that both the homeowners, the Real Estate Agent AND The Webmaster managed to over look:

whoo - hoo...that one made me laugh out loud. For the simple realization that: Oh right! It's the two dogs in the back yard!

I don't know how long this was sitting on the MLS site, or even how many people noticed the two dogs subliminally copulating in the background, but just as soon as the people above caught sight of it, things started happening. These actions included:

* The immediate removal of the picture,
* the restoration of the picture, with the dogs blurred out, Cops-style,
* the removal of that picture and the restoration of the original picture,
* the removal of that picture, and a replacement with the hedges behind the dogs clumsily Photoshopped over them.

I don't know why they didn't just take the picture down and leave it down, unless the only room in the house worth looking at is the living room. I dunno -- maybe it's one of those drug houses where everything is a hollowed-out wreck full of maryjane and ultraviolet lights, and this is their one, publically-facing room. Perhaps that's why it's so critically important that people see how great the living room is, dog-fucking notwithstanding.

I can't begin to understand it, but isn't that what makes stupid things like this so great? It's incomprehensible, accidental, combative and hilarious all at the same time...ahhh thanks again nature!


John Blacke said...

That's funny, lol. I didn't pick up on it. To be honest, when you asked to find what was wrong with the picture I figured it was that leather chair. That totally does NOT go with the room's motif.

kizzy said...

The chair? well okay...personal preference would have been for the couch...but I can see why you might say that...doesn't really match the carmel colored lab in the backgroud.

D.T. said...

LOL...How funny! But yeah, I spotted it in the first picture! At first I thought it was gonna be something to do with the devil or something (I dont know why) but then when I looked outside the was too much! Those dogs are too funny! Thanks for the funny post!