Monday, September 13, 2004

family gatherings...

...are always better when there is alcohol involved.

- It was a very celebratory wedding. Nice and not conservative what-so-ever. The bride and groom didn't want any presents, and instead had requested that all of the family and friends give to a foundation, (of which I can't remember now.) - trust me this is a good story...keep reading.

Turns out that the director and the driving force behind the foundation are good friends of the bride and groom, and were (of course) grateful for the gifts. The were asked to get up and speak about what the foundation is, what it does, and whom it benefits. The director and "driving force" are a husband and wife team whom had a little girl - aged 8 months with them. The Director was breastfeeding her little girl – surreptitiously at the table before the bride and groom called them up.

The Director and "driving force" both got up to speak, and brought their little girl with them to try and explain what their foundation was about. Unfortunately for them, their little girl wasn’t finished eating and was very unhappy about it. She began to wriggle and squirm, making it difficult for the director/mom to talk about the foundation. Out of frustration, she handed off the baby to her husband who was standing next to her in an attempt to quell the child and get on with her speech.

This, of course, did nothing but aggravate the baby more . . . she wanted mommy – no she wanted dinner . . . and daddy wasn’t going to help. The Director/mommy was unable to continue the presentation with her squirming child next to her . . . so she shoved the mike back at her husband, said "I can’t do this, she needs to eat." grabbed her baby, PRESENTED HER BOOB and began to breast feed. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE GATHERING.

It took a moment to realize what was happening. There was some nervous laughter from the men, and then after a few moments some of the mothers in the crowd started to cheer and clap. It was awkward, to say the least . . . but the fact that no one really flinched and instead continued to laugh at this strange human comedy made it even funnier.

That will be the defining moment during the weekend that everyone will remember.

Public breastfeeding.

- I’m not sure that’s a distinction that my cousin was hoping for.


D.T. said...

How funny! I hope the photographer took a picture!

kizzy said...

no, no photos. I believe that he was laughing nerviously/uncontrollably like all the other guys at the wedding.

- I dunno. Maybe he did manage to snap a few.