Thursday, September 16, 2004

oh how I have forgotten the lovely lexicon called Engrish.

It's Kinda hard to tell exactly what is being sold...but it doesn't matter because I'm laughing so damned hard.....

I'm a little afraid to think that "Monkey Stix" are either 1. Ass igniters 2. Unusal animal inspectors 3. Should be illegal in all 50 United States.

Christ, even that doesn't seem to really encapsulate exactly what in the hell this anthropromorphized monkey is doing bent over holding what looks like a lighted match to his butt. Nevermind the lustful look in his eyes, calling out to you to "keep doing the thing which one wants to do very hard."

But at least "consumers" are always satisfied!


John Blacke said...

My guess is that's it's for hemmoroid relief, lol

D.T. said...

maybe he's doing a trick? LOL...whatever he's doing, I agree, its funny as hell!