Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Actually I've still got the giggles from a most hilarious story that I heard while on the road:

Friend of a friend had several job interviews in a day. To keep his voice from cracking and his mouth from being overly dry while interviewing he had drunk lots of water. During the course of the day he was so nervous, and had timed the interviews so closely that he did not have enough time to break for the bathroom. At the end of the second interview he was desperate to go to the bathroom. There was a bathroom in the second office, but all of the stalls were in use. He couldn't wait for use of the stalls - he needed to go so bad - so the next best thing was the sink.

Without delay he whipped it out and began to relieve himself...well he was so pent up with the stress and pressure of needed to urinate for the past couple of hours that the release made him pass out. he was found a few moments later on the floor of the mens bathroom, passed out, pants down hand on himself and lying in a puddle.
- needless to say he didn't get that job.

It doesn't do it justice to retell it in type...it is much better told in person...Honestly I nearly lost it on Sunday past while at a resturant drinking a Freakin Huge soda, just imagining my roadies passed out on the floor from the sheer pleasure of relieving themselves.


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