Thursday, November 21, 2002

I've got such a bathroom sense of humor. Its awful - according to someone else. Personally I think that its a touch more masculine that I should enjoy, but then again the whole idea of gender roles is a false construct created to keep people miserable.
- I'm regressing and I think that its not an alltogether good thing. I find that I'm searching out all of that crap that I once rejected while growing up much too fast. Maybe that or I'm trying seriously hard to avoid the inevitability that I'm getting older. (not that I'm an old hag, not by a long shot)

Still...weddings, babies, christenings, bris-es, and other landmarks keep hurtling towards me at a lightening speed that makes even my head spin.

Am I so ego-istic that I'm sacrificing my grandness on just my self? - Could I have a BIGGER ego?

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