Monday, November 25, 2002

ahhh... the trails and tribulations of holiday family gatherings.

Actually its not all that stressfull. Thankfully most of the drama is reserved for the christmas tree decorations. Thank God I'm jewish. I think that if I were to do something horrible during the set-up when it comes time for the trial that I could claim instanity because of Zionism. I only mention it because I remember a few years back there was an incident of a man who had stabbed his daughter to death over the decoration of their christmas tree. lord knows I've felt that way especially when mom has wanted to shove a freakin tree into my car when I had a perfectly fine roof rack to put the F*ckin tree on.

Other than that days have been rolling on - alcohol soaked as ever. Especially when eurotrash is involved. After this is all passed on I don't know if I'm going to remember what happened or has been happening these past few month.
- There is a new bar in my flat now. Its looking more and more like a bordello every day. Either that or a speakeasy. I've been considering becoming a madam. I mean...hell! why the fuck not. I got a house of men, all of them eligible and very good looking, and I know a growing pool of girlfriends who are always complaining about how it seems like there are no good men "left."

Actually that idea is probably not something I should honestly be considering with any seriousness. Although I won't lie, the idea is enticing. If only to keep the upper-hand on all my "mens"
*Quietly giggling to herself*

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