Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I have just submitted myself to a social-less life. I'm ready to give in to the wonder that is the 'net and kow-tow to it's awsomeness.

I bring it up because I've just counted and I have (at this very minute) 5 e-mail accounts; 2 blogs; 2 (or 3) on-line dating references; 3 web communities; 2 or more (some I may have neglected) BBSes that I subscribe to. 2 personal websites.

I thought that the point to technology was to make life easier and here I am making my life more complicated by not engaging in it at all. how awful is that?
stuff like "Go see my page" end up in more than just my e-mail communications. Its getting scary.
my eyes are glazing over from the monitor glare

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