Wednesday, November 13, 2002

having effectively forsworn any activities that are productive....I am still at work. futzing around online. HA. da' Man should have known better.
but then again "he" was never really that smart. Serves "him" right for creating Mosaic in the first place and trying to make money off of it. *teehee*

I am in lovely-freakin-wet Portland,OR. ("or what?" should be your question, my answer..oops don't have one 'spose thats 'cause I don't have an "or" to be at right now.) This traveling stuff sucks sometimes. I miss traveling with friends and fun people. When its me and the suits...suits are boring by nature, and I never considered myself a suit. I'm not a drinker only socially (and when I am in my room late at night with the lights down and I'm sobbing into an empty bottle of wine....oops...damn...inside my head voice...inside my head voice.) And If you haven't been on the business circut lately the people that I'm working with and seeing are far from the hang-out at a bar type. Definetly NOT the type you take out on the town to have fun.

ugh...I do not like me sometimes. So RASBERRIES to you!

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