Monday, November 11, 2002

So much DRA-MA! more drama than is really necessary - Eurotrash is visiting...and of course I thought that all was good, but "eurotrash is as eurotrash does." but not the both of them - one of them is really cool but the other is just not having it, and so made the weekend crap. That and I was having indigestion from all that crap I shoved in my tummy. I felt really cooped up because of the weather and I spent the entire weekend inside.

I did get free preview passes for the new movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" - not bad but LOOOOONNNNGGGG! clockin in at nearly 3 hours. My ass started to hurt at the 2 hour mark. But then I've read the book - not bad for a kids book. quick easy afternoon/beach read. it [the movie] does some justice to the text, but the book was relatively detailed to begin with - a little short of character development since that was for the most part covered in the first book. All the same it does make me want to read the next book in the series...if only because I'm going to be airborne myself today.

That was one of those dreams that I had when I was a kid - to be a witch or have majical powers and have the ability to make others do my willing - or rather have the natural world under my control....hmmm

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