Saturday, November 09, 2002

Okay...inside day.and I haven't done that in awhile. Not that I wouldn't have perferred to get out and explore the great outdoors...It was a family thing, so it meant that food and food and more food was included. I hurt now. My tummy is disended. I feel so anti-ethiopian. And it's only served to make me feel lethargic and pitiful. Inside all freakin day! I live in the freakin big city, and what do I do but stay indoors on a lovely day.

This house, my house is At the very moment empty except for myself, otherwise there are now 7 people here. It feels so hyper-dramatic - so "real world-ian" that it's strange. Normally there are only 4 men and then me. The lone house-frau. Not to say that I don't enjoy having people vist, always a good experience to show-off but at the same time, I'd enjoy having the place to myself. yet at the same time I'm sorry to see one of them go - the good one. Damn!

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