Friday, November 08, 2002

WHAT!?!? I can't even check my e-mail while futzing around at a client site! Firewalls and Blocked mail sites! What in the heck do people think we're trying to do here, freakin work? Nuh-uh!! not me.

Okay, this was the plan - I was going to totally relate this great chat session that I had with a friend of mine "D-Love" but the text of it was waaayyyy too long to include here. I suggest that you read it - one of my new personal favorite stories - and TOTALLY TRUE! this Shiznit is better than fiction. (Life usually is anyway.)

So if you're cool enough to handle it - take a minute to read this and you'll understand why I am so ABSOLUTELY not cool

It gets to the nudity and the group orgys towards the middle of the story. (I always come through don't I - orgys and nudity - who could ask for more!) And I promise that I have at least 4 people to corrborate the story as absolutely true. (why would I lie!)

- chillin like a villian

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